Japanese Granny Gives Lucky Kimono to Colombian Fan After Japan Wins World Cup Match

Japanese netizens were touched by photos of a grandmother giving her lucky kimono to a Colombian soccer fan after the historic victory of Japan in the World Cup on Tuesday.

Kumiko Sano, a 71-year-old grandma from Ehime Prefecture, Japan, was leaving Mordovia Arena in Saransk, Russia, on Tuesday when she came across a Colombian soccer fan congratulating Japanese soccer fans on their 2-1 victory by saying omedetou.

Moved by the kind gesture, Sano decided to give the kimono she wore to her first soccer game to the female soccer fan.

Kazuki Okamoto, the photographer who captured the heartwarming moment, told BuzzFeed that he and Sano are part of a group of adult volunteers who take children from tsunami disaster areas to see soccer World Cup matches.

Many netizens from Japan felt overwhelmed with emotion. Here are some of the comments they wrote on the Twitter thread:

What a touching story.”

A bond between Japan and Colombia is built right here. It’s so beautiful.”

I hope I still love soccer when I’m her age.”

This just reminded me of the power of soccer and it’s so moving. Soccer and sports are amazing.”

Being a soccer supporter is not just about supporting your own nation. It’s about people coming together and enjoying this sport.”

There’s no border when it comes to loving soccer, supporting your team, and respecting others who make the match possible. This is such a great story.”

Images via Twitter / photofoot23

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