Japanese Grandma Goes Viral After Finding Granddaughter’s Ripped Designer Jeans

A trendy Japanese teen’s distressed jeans underwent a hilarious transformation after her thoughtful and caring grandma got her hands on it.

A popular fad from the 90s, distressed jeans are regular denim jeans that were intentionally ripped, often on the knees or other locations on the pants, as a fashion statement.

Japanese Twitter user Tomomi is among the many who caught up with the trend as it made its comeback in modern fashion.

However, Tomomi’s grandmother Shizu may have mistaken the rip in her jeans as an unfortunate damage and thoughtfully fixed it up for her.

By patching a fabric underneath the narrow cut, the granny successfully “mended” Tomomi’s tattered jeans.

Tomomi, who found the resulting patch hilarious, decided to post a photo of her grandmother and the result of her sweet gesture on her Twitter account where it soon became widely shared.

As of this writing, Grandma Shizu’s adorable gesture of love has been retweeted over 70,000 times and so far received over 250,000 hearts on Twitter.

Her instant social media fame made the loving grandmother both very happy and a little embarrassed, according to Tomomi.

Is Grandma Shizu starting a new trend? We may never know, but we are sure that patching Tomomi’s jeans definitely came from her heart.

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