Japanese All-Girl Esports Team Discovers One of Their Members Is a MAN

Japanese All-Girl Esports Team Discovers One of Their Members Is a MAN
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
June 14, 2018
An all-girls esports team in Japan apologized to fans after learning that one of their members is actually a man.
The team, Whip, originally played “Call of Duty” before branching out to other titles, including “Fornite,” “Overwatch” and “Final Fantasy.”
Whip has been adopting an all-girls membership policy, which went down the drain when one man managed to make the team by concealing his gender.Last week, their leader, who goes by the username Peroru, broke the news and apologized to fans on Twitter, according to SoraNews24:
“We recently made the discovery that one of our members was a man. This person is no longer a member, but even though all of our current members were unaware of his being a man, we feel deeply apologetic towards everyone who has been cheering for us.
“Moving forward, we aim to provide even more of the excitement you all expect from us as a girls gaming team.
“We sincerely hope that we can continue to have your support.”
Because they play online games, Whip’s members do not necessarily have to meet in person when working together.
Whip member melakokko. Image via Twitter / @melakokko
It’s unclear how the man hid his gender, but netizens are speculating that he must have used voice alteration software when filming gameplays.
Whip member tun_cos. Image via Twitter / @tun_cos
Twitter users reacted to the shocking revelation:
“Even a boy can become a princess.”
“Did you not notice until now? What did you actually notice? What?”
“Is there a legitimate reason to discriminate?”
“It cannot be helped if you are a gamer.”
“Real AKB49.”
Featured Image via Twitter / (Left): melakokko | (Right): tun_cos
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