Japanese Gamer Couple Has First Fight in ‘Tekken 6’ After Getting Married in a Tokyo Arcade

Japanese Gamer Couple Has First Fight in ‘Tekken 6’ After Getting Married in a Tokyo Arcade

August 25, 2017
For most couples, a traditional wedding is like a dream come true; this gamer couple, however, had different plans.
The Japanese couple recently tied the knot in one of Tokyo’s most iconic arcades, Mikado, according to Kotaku. The newlyweds, groom, Kazuhiro and bride, Yukiko, even celebrated their first “fight” as a wedded couple in front of everybody — by playing a few rounds of “Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion” to finish the night off with a powerful punch.
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The whole gaming center was reportedly rented out for the very special occasion. Two rows of arcade cabinets were perfectly positioned to create the aisle for the couple’s entrance, and arcade stools were used as seats for the duration of the ceremony.
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For gamer couples out there that are worried if this is only a one-time thing, it’s not; in May 2014, Mikado officially confirmed that having a wedding in its arcade center is possible. “Notice: We realize there have been rumors that you can have a private wedding renting the entire arcade here at Mikado. Well, these rumors are … indeed true. We’d be happy to discuss possible plans with you. Any couples out there prepared to have a once-in-a-lifetime event at Mikado, we’re waiting for you!” the company officially wrote in a translated statement by SoraNews24.
Although there’s no official statement regarding the price of the gamer wedding, rumors are circulating that the entire thing could cost around 250,000 to 300,000 yen ($2,450 to $2,940).
It should be noted that this price is only for the entire arcade center venue. Other expenses for the wedding ceremony have not been added in the rumored cost.
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