Japanese Firm Lets Travelers Release Stress By Karate Chopping Roof Tiles

Japanese Firm Lets Travelers Release Stress By Karate Chopping Roof TilesJapanese Firm Lets Travelers Release Stress By Karate Chopping Roof Tiles
Japan’s Asakusa district, which is famous for the Buddhist temple Sensō-ji, is among the top sightseeing areas in Tokyo, where many of the shops and businesses cater to spiritual and cultural appreciation.
But for the adventurous types who prefer to try other experiences that Asakusa has to offer, a unique business called Kawarana exists.
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According to SoraNews24, the establishment in the district is offering a way for travelers to relieve some stress through a service known as the “kawara smash”.
For those unfamiliar with the term “kawara”, it simply pertains to the traditional roof tiles in Japan.
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These tiles, which are made out of hardened clay, are often used by martial artists as a means to showcase their skill, strength and overall power.
At the Kawarana, customers are allowed to do their own “kawara smash”, not just to show off their martial arts skills (if there are any), but also to relieve some stress.
In each session, a batch of kawara is set for the customer to smash through with a powerful blow. Those who prefer multiple tiles, or sessions, can get discounts per additional tile.
The staff will then place a towel over the top layer of the tiles, with a red marker guiding the spot where to strike best. 
The customer is also properly guided to emulate the correct stance and swing technique to use, with the attendants providing specific instructions.
A single kawara session costs around 500 yen ($4.50), which includes the use of a safety glove.
Those who really want to relieve their martial arts master fantasies are also provided martial arts uniforms upon request.
As an added motivation for customers to land a successful blow, those who are able to break all of their tiles receive some sort of token for the feat.
For those who are eager to smash some roof tiles to blow off steam, be advised that the business is only open on weekends.
Here’s the address:
Kawarana / カワラナ
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa 2-27-17
Open 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed weekdays
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