Japanese Employees Ordered to Work Right After North Korean Missile Alert

Japanese Employees Ordered to Work Right After North Korean Missile Alert
Bryan Ke
August 31, 2017
Several Japanese workplaces reportedly texted their employees to get to work soon after the North Korean missile passed through the country’s airspace.
On Tuesday, North Korea had tested yet another Intermediate-range Missile that overflew Hokkaido, Japan, which triggered the country’s missile siren and sent out a J-Alert message that advised everyone to seek shelter, The Guardian reported.
Instead of spending time with their family in the safety of their homes, Japanese employees were asked to come to work despite the risk of another possible missile flyby. One Japanese Twitter user leaked a few email messages that companies forwarded to their employees. Unfortunately, the original social media post has since been deleted.
SoraNews24 managed to save and translate some of the emails, which read:
“[Important] Concerning the missile (to everyone)
It seems as though North Korea has launched a missile and it is passing over Japan. Please come to work as usual.
8/29 06:36″
“Subject: This is an emergency contact
Date: 2017/08/29 06:31
We have received information that North Korea has fired a missile. Please come to work after you’ve checked to make sure it’s safe on broadcasts.”
“Concerning today’s shift
Today 7:05
Good morning. This is [redacted].
Today at approximately 6:00 a.m. a flying object was launched by North Korea and it passed over Japan.
Any damage within the country has not yet been confirmed, but to be safe we will be doing roll-call 15 minutes earlier than usual.
You may still punch in at the regular starting time.
Please continue to pay attention to broadcasts and act in a calm manner.
We apologize for the sudden message and thank you for your help.”
Japanese Twitter users were quite shocked when they saw the emails and expressed mixed emotions. Some joked about how strict the rules are: “Japan: ‘Oh wow, you’re working so hard early in the morning launching missiles! Guess I’d better get to work too’“ one user wrote.
Videos uploaded to YouTube reveal what was it like to be on the ground when the sirens went off:
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