Japanese Elementary School’s ‘Behavior Rules’ are Almost Impossible For Adults to Follow

Japanese Elementary School’s ‘Behavior Rules’ are Almost Impossible For Adults to FollowJapanese Elementary School’s ‘Behavior Rules’ are Almost Impossible For Adults to Follow
Bryan Ke
February 2, 2018
An extensive behavioral guideline for a Japanese school is causing quite a stir due to how difficult the items on the list are; even adults find it a bit hard, let alone the kids.
The guideline was shared on Twitter by mother and manga artist Mandaring as part of the elementary school’s parent orientation package. Included in the list is the kind of behavior that the school expects from the children that will attend the institution, according to SoraNews24.
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The translation of the post reads:
Before your student begins classes at the school, please make sure they are capable of the following. Also, as parents and family members, please follow the same conduct yourself.”
These 18-points are divided into two categories: “Basic Conduct and Attitude” and “Relationships with Friends.”
The first half of the list includes:
● Attentively listen when someone is speaking.
● Greet others and respond to questions in a clear, easily audible voice.
● Sit up properly in your chair.
● Have a clear understanding that what belongs to others does not belong to you.
● After taking off your shoes, arrange them neatly in the entryway.
● Make sure your clothing is clean and unwrinkled.
● Keep your desk and surroundings tidy and organized.
● Take responsibility to go to bed early and wake up early on your own.
● Eat a proper breakfast.
● Always brush your teeth.
● Never tell lies.
The other half of the list are:
● Do not leave anyone feeling left out.
● If someone has a problem, help them.
● Do not badmouth your friends.
● Be able to get along with, play, and learn with anyone.
● Don’t always just play by yourself, but be friendly in playing together with everyone.
● Play outside, both to get plenty of exercise and also to relax in natural surroundings.
● If you make a mistake, earnestly apologize.
The list is quite comprehensive when it comes to manners, but then again, Japanese are known to be extremely polite and apologetic, like that one incident when the bullet train came in 20 seconds late and the train company offered an apology to its passengers.
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