Japanese Duo Who Tap Dances in Traditional Kimonos is Actually Cool AF

Meforyouforme, a tap dancing duo from Japan, is slowly rising to fame thanks to their amazing dance talent combined with colorful traditional Japanese kimonos.

The group, which is made up of Japanese tap dancers Miyu Ikeda and Miho Itakura, is slowly becoming popular in both the United States and Japan, according to SoraNews24.

The two were even featured in the promotional video for Awa Odori, a dance festival in Japan that was held in Tokushima Prefecture from August 12-15.

Both Miho and Miyu proved that tap dancing not only blends perfectly with modern music, but it can also work well with traditional ones, which can be seen in the “Awaodori Tap” video below.

Prior to performing for promotional videos, Miyu and Miho were first discovered playing in several locations around New York City over a year ago. The duo captivated people in the subways by using their cute Japanese-inspired dance steps and colorful kimono.

The support they’ve received from fans has given Miyu and Miho the courage to open up social media accounts including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook where they can update everyone on their upcoming performances.

Meforyouforme is scheduled to appear at the Apollo Theater in New York City on November 15 for the third round (semifinals) of Amateur Night talent show. Miyu and Miho managed to push through the round using a very complex blend of modern dance steps, tap and smartphone ringtone/Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” remix.

Featured Image via YouTube / meforyouforme TAP

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