Deliveryman Caught on Video Taking Down Knife-Wielding Criminal So Police Can Arrest Him

A deliveryman was caught on film delivering punches to the back of a knife-wielding criminal who was being arrested by the police in Nakane, Meguro Ward in Tokyo, Japan.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Himonya Precinct received a call around 10 a.m. on Monday about a man who was seen walking down the street while swinging around a knife in his hand, according to Yomiuri Online as translated by SoraNews24.

Two officers were quick to respond to the call of a concerned citizen, and both tried to apprehend the criminal, as seen in the clip posted online by Twitter user @Azsa2go.

However, the suspect managed to steal the police officer’s long baton from his hand and proceeded to use it against him.

A female officer quickly rushed in to help her partner from the rampaging suspect.

A civilian in a beige uniform and green cap then came in to help by landing several blows on the back of the suspect’s head as he was being subdued by the police.

After raining down punches on the skull of the knife-wielding man, the other man continued to assist the police.

It turns out that the brave man was not working undercover for the police force. He was actually a deliveryman for Yamato Transport, Japan’s most famous courier company.

Images via Twitter / Azsa2go

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