Japanese Dad Tests Daughter’s Boyfriend By Challenging Him to Epic Video Game Duel

A Japanese Twitter user challenged his daughter’s significant other to a competitive match of the popular fighting video game “Guilty Gear” but ended up without dinner after defeating the young man.

Twitter user @buppa_stone tried to see if the boyfriend of his junior high school daughter truly deserves a place in their family by challenging the “punk kid” to a game they both love playing, “Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2”.

According to SoraNews24, the issue was seemingly nonexistent at first as @buppa_stone initially tweeted, “My daughter just introduced her boyfriend to us.”

However, the feud immediately escalated as the father’s next tweet read, “I’m gonna teach him a lesson.” @buppa_stone then berated his high school opponent for his decision to use the character Slayer.

Given the large experience and age disparity between the two players, @buppa_stone easily took the win, and proclaimed his victory by tweeting, “10-6! It’s over! We’re done here!”

Then came the proud father’s string of victory tweets, which read, “I’ve been playing Guilty Gear since the first game in the series, No way I was going to get beat by a junior high school kid,” and “I’ve defeated him. He’s not fit to be my daughter’s boyfriend.”

“I’m the worst in my family at Guilty Gear Xrd R2, and this wet-behind-the-ears kid can’t even beat me? He shouldn’t be allowed in our house,” @buppa_stone added. While he certainly won bragging rights over his daughter’s lover, it cost him his dinner and was booted from the house in the process.

“I got kicked out of the house, so I’ll go buy some cigarettes and rice balls,” he exclaimed. The father was eventually allowed entry to his house. But he still ended up hungry, tweeting, “They finally let me back in, but, still there’s no dinner for me.”

Fortunately for him, some netizens still appreciated his competitive efforts, showering him with their support on Twitter.

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