Japanese Dad Uses Son as a Weapon During Fight at Baseball Game

Some spectators were shocked after witnessing a man using his own son as a blunt weapon to hit a rival fan during a baseball game in Yokohama, Japan earlier this week.

The clip of the incident, which was shared on social media, shows the man being escorted out by stadium security guards during a Nippon Professional Baseball match between the Hanshin Tigers and the Yokohama DeNA BayStars on Tuesday night, according to Daily Mail.

As said in the report, the man apparently became enraged when his team, the Hanshin Tigers, went 4-0 down to the opposing team. And just as he was passing by a fan from the opposing team, the vicious Tigers fan, without warning, slams his own son on top of the head of the other spectator.

After getting hit, the fan on the receiving end of the assault quickly got up to confront the enraged man, but the latter was immediately ushered out by stadium security.

It’s unclear, though, what happened to the man or if he received any charges or official police complaints as a result of the incident.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / renna_shinohara

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