Japanese Couture Brand Makes Accessories From Ziploc Bags, Sells Them For $100

Japanese female clothing brand BEAMS Couture officially announced its rather unique partner up with Ziploc in creating new wearable products that are inspired from the reusable and re-sealable zipper storage bags.

The company reworked the Ziploc baggies to create several distinctive products like accessories and wearables that consumers can use, according to Hypebeast. The collection includes a transparent tote bag.

This tote bag can even comfortably hold water that you can drink from, as can be seen in the clip above.

Another product that they will introduce is the transparent apron made from Ziploc bag.

There’s also this waist bag.

Other new products include a transparent Ziploc cap.

A body pouch of some sort.

An umbrella.

And even a backpack made from Ziploc bag.

Unfortunately, the pieces aren’t as cheap as buying your own box of Ziploc bags with many pieces ranging between $80-$100.

These new products will be available at a pop-up shop at BEAMS’ Shinjuku branch starting from August 15 to September 11. Those who’d like to buy the products online will have to wait until August 20 before they become available on the company’s website.

Head over to BEAMS’ online shop for more information.

Images via YouTube / BEAMSBROADCAST

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