Japanese Company’s Newest Mascot Wants to Go Up Your Butt

Japan has just given birth to a new mascot whose aim is to plug her way up people’s anuses.

Meet Kan-chan, the latest marketing character of Tokyo-based Ichijiku Pharmaceutical Co., which specializes in making enemas.

Kan-chan gets her name from the Japanese word kancho which means “enema”, according to SoraNews24.

She debuted on Twitter last week, posing in front of the Tokyo Skytree.

Kan-chan is apparently the winner of a mascot illustration contest that Ichijiku Pharmaceutical held last year.

Interestingly, the company maintained that she’s a penguin, and that everything that happens above her eyes is simply a hair accessory.

With her arrival, Kan-chan joins Ichijikujira, the company’s mascot for their children’s enema product line.

Ichijikujira is a combination of the company’s name and kujira, which means “whale”.

Kan-chan vows to visit “many places in the future,” so best be on the lookout!

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