Japanese Company Will Ask Your Crush Out on Valentine’s Day For a Cool $1,300

A company in Japan just opened up a service to ask out people on a Valentine’s Day date on behalf of their clients who are too shy to approach their crush.

The company, named Kokunavi, is a mashup of the words kokuhaku meaning “confession of love” and “navigation,” and will help their clients with the whole terrifying experience of trying to start a romantic relationship with the one they adore.

While this may come off as some sort of gig by a matchmaking service company, that isn’t actually the case. According to SoraNews24, Kokunavi does not keep any database of singles in the client’s area and they will only approach the person their client wants to date. After that first part of the service, the company will then relay the response to the client no matter how harsh it is.

A company in Japan just opened up a service to ask out people on a Valentine’s Day date on behalf of their clients who are too shy to approach their crush.

So far there are only three packages that Kokunavi offers for their clients. The first one, called the Simple Course, covers what was mentioned above: asking the person out on their behalf and relaying their response.

The next package is called the Support Pack Course. Just as the name implies, this one will come with advice from the experts at the company regarding the exact timing, location, and the wording used when the client professes his/her love for the person. This will be then decided during the two to three meetings with the client and the company.

And lastly, the Premium Course. This one is a bit more extensive than the second – and definitely would take much longer than the first package. In the Premium Course, the person who’d wish to take up Kokunavi’s services will have to attend four or five conferences that will show the company’s data analysis of its past projects that will help determine which method is best suited and possess the highest chance of success for the client.

As long as you know who you want to confess our love to, we can help you plan everything else,” the company boasts for its high-end service.

While all this may sound exciting and, to be fair, a huge relief to all the shy people out there, Kokunavi’s services come with a hefty price tag. The Simply Course costs at about 29,000 yen ($260), and the other two, Support Pack Course and Premium Course, are priced at 59,000 yen ($533) and 149,000 yen ($1,340), respectively.

Confessing your love for someone is thought to be a simple thing,” the company said, adding, “but actually doing it is not so easy. In carrying out the plan, there are many points to consider.”

There is one concern with the service, however: the possibility that the client’s romantic prospect may end up falling for the messenger especially with the finely crafted message. Luckily, Kokunavi employs both male and female messengers to tackle this problem.

Kokunavi not only just offers its services to men – as some might think – but they also have satisfied female clients and testimonies expressing their gratitude to the company.

I’m really glad I went to Kokunavi for help,” an unnamed 25-year-old woman from Niigata, Japan wrote in her testimony. “My love confession was successful, and I was really impressed at their professional techniques.”

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