Japanese Company Unveils Incredible Wireless Charger ‘Powered’ By Anime Magic

Japanese Company Unveils Incredible Wireless Charger ‘Powered’ By Anime MagicJapanese Company Unveils Incredible Wireless Charger ‘Powered’ By Anime Magic
Bryan Ke
October 4, 2018
A Japanese company called Six Seconds Shop – also known as Rokubyo Shoten – recently showcased an otherworldly gadget that charges your phone wirelessly all while performing summoning rituals to call upon the beasts from the astral plane, or so it appears.
The gadget, which the company calls “Magic Circle Charger,” is pretty much like any other wireless charger in the market, but what separate this from the other is the aesthetic of it, which would definitely earn the approval of many “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” fans.
Its glyph markings aren’t just for the aesthetics, though. It also lights up all the way as soon as you put your phone on top of it, giving the impression that the device is channeling all the life force around it and into your cellphone to charge it up.
When the glyph fully lights up, it means that the ritual has entered its summoning process – that or your phone is charging up nicely, but our money is on the latter.
This has definitely put everyone into a frenzy as to how they could get their hands on this amazing charger. Unfortunately, Six Seconds Shop, which bills itself as “an interior shop with products you’ll want after seeing them for just six seconds,” appears to have no plans on selling them anytime soon, according to SoraNews24.
It is still unclear, though, if they will in fact sell this one, or any of their showcased product for that matter, to the general public.
Whatever the case is, if you are getting this, it’s ideal to pair it up with a gun that can shoot out magic bolts straight from the astral plane.
Images via YouTube / Six Seconds Shop
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