Japanese Company Has the Perfect Response for Rejected Job Applicants

Japanese Company Has the Perfect Response for Rejected Job ApplicantsJapanese Company Has the Perfect Response for Rejected Job Applicants
Kagome, a Japanese company that specializes in tomato-based products like ketchup and their famous tomato juice, has the perfect way to let job applicants know that they did not make the cut by sending them comfort gift package.
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Japanese Twitter user @tutuanna888 recently tried her luck when she applied for a position in the company. However, instead of the usual “we regret to inform you” letter, she received a box filled with products that Kagome sell as well as a printed note inside it.
The note reads, as translated by SoraNews24:
“We would like to offer our sincere thanks to you for applying to Kagome.
“We deeply appreciate your interest in us as an employer, and for taking the time to fill out the application form and prepare a resume. As a modest token of our gratitude, we have enclosed a selection of our products.
“We hope that you will continue to think favorably towards Kagome in the future.”
Before all this, @tutuanna888 already heard circulating rumors that Kagome is famous for doing this sort of compassionate gesture when they are turning down applicants. The box actually contains two Kagome brand items: a tomato chicken seasoning and a bottle of 100% tomato juice.
“They’re nothing so special, but please enjoy these with your family friends, or loved ones,” the print on the cardboard box reads.
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While the company may think that the items inside are “nothing so special,” for someone who got rejected may think otherwise – and it would go a long way especially with the kind gesture that they showed.
In fact, netizens were pretty much touched by it as the original tweet that the user posted has now been retweeted more than 82,000 and has been liked more than 152,000 times as of the time of writing.
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