Cat Hats are the One Thing Your Cat Needs Right Meow

Necos, a Japanese cosplay items manufacturer, unveiled a new fashionable hood that turns your pet cat into…well, a pet cat, but with a colorful head covering and adorable cat ears.

Set to come out some time in April, Necos’ new product, Colorful Cat Fluffy Cat Ears, will come in many different color options.

Half of the set comes in playful color names like “lemon yellow,” “scarlet,” and “violet,” according to the company’s press release, as translated by SoraNews24.

The other colors include pink, white and black.

But unfortunately, customers won’t be able to choose the color they really want. The Colorful Cat Fluffy Cat Ears hood is reportedly only offered on a random basis, and the color of the hood will be unknown until after the box is opened.

Luckily, the company has set the hood at a surprisingly reasonable price at just 500 yen ($4.70), so you can dress up your pet cat in these adorable hoods. It is a shame the Necos does not offer a full body costumes, similar to what the cat named Dog usually wears when he is out selling food on the streets of Vietnam.

Images via Necos press release

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