Japanese Company Lets You Hire People to Pose as Your Friends on Social Media

Japanese Company Lets You Hire People to Pose as Your Friends on Social Media
Ryan General
March 15, 2017
A company in Japan may have the perfect solution for those who don’t have any friends but want to bump up their social media cred.
You can now give the impression of having an active social life by always being surrounded by friends in online photos with the help of the “Real Appeal” service provided by Japanese firm Family Romance.
Interested clients pay a certain amount to book the company’s “prop” friends who will pose with them for pictures in various settings of their choice. Customers may also pick the ages, genders, and certain features of the persons for the photo shoot.  
After posting the images on social media, the customers may then at least pretend to be social animals and maybe then get the attention of former lovers, or gain some respect from colleagues. According to RocketNews24, a customer may even request the same Family Romance employee on subsequent occasions just to make the charade more realistic to your social media followers.
One satisfied customer even hired multiple photo actors in one session. He wrote this testimonial on Family Romance’s website:
“I requested 10 Family Romance staff members pose as my friends, and we held a birthday party for me at a famous hotel in Tokyo, having a few drinks at the bar with a beautiful view of the nighttime skyline. After that, we went to my room to drink some more, they presented me with a big cake, and I took lots of selfies LOL I’ve been bust lately, so it was a fun time, and I was able to share some good photos on Facebook and Twitter.”
So, how much is does it cost to fake one’s popularity online?
Family Romance’s services start at 8,000 yen ($71) for the 2-hour minimum per session for each photo friend. Additional fees come in the form of possible travel expenses for the preferred location and other “production” costs that come with it. If the scene requires a beach getaway or a house party, then prepare to shell out a very hefty sum.
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