Japanese Company Finds Unique Solution to Making Women Who Live Alone Feel Safer

Leo Palace 21, an apartment management company based in Japan, has just invented a new way to make women who live alone safe in their apartment by projecting a loop of a man onto their window’s curtain.

The product “Man on the Curtain” is pretty much straightforward, as can be seen in the promotional video posted on Vimeo.

To make it work, a mobile phone must be plugged into a projector that comes with the delivery. The machine would then project a looped video of a silhouette man onto the window curtains to create the impression that a man lives in the residence – this goes on for a full six-hour cycle before repeating the footage.

In theory, this helps women living alone avoid getting targeted by would-be criminals.

According to SoraNews24, “Man on the Curtain” comes with 12 different options for the man silhouette, which includes projection of the actor doing a boxing routing as he throws punches, a martial artist practicing his karate kata, a baseball fan swinging a bat, and a bodybuilder working out with his dumbbells.

Another couple of options to choose from is the shadow cleaning the apartment with a vacuum and the other one where he practices with an electric guitar.

Truth be told, though, these two seem to actually break the illusion that the woman lives with someone — considering that they don’t usually produce a noise.

Unfortunately, Leo Palace 21 is not offering the “Man on the Curtain” product commercially just yet; however, it was reported that they are giving away prototype units for five people. Those who’d like to give it a shot can send their applications here.

Images screenshot via Vimeo / ManOnTheCurtain

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