Japanese Company Claims Their Colored Contact Lenses Help Women Find Dates

A contact lens company in Japan is helping single near-sighted women find a romantic partner by recommending a specific pair based on the wearer’s type.

The Japanese contact lens maker Acorde, located in Dogenzaka in Shibuya, Tokyo, is promoting its contact lenses, including the Daily Series, which produces “kind and soothing impressions” on guys who like to take the initiative in the relationship.


The promotion comes as Acorde aims to support its customers’ konkatsu, or efforts made by Japanese singles, usually women, in finding a significant other who could also be a potential life partner, according to RocketNews24.

While they come in three different colors, such as brown, gray and hazel colored contact lenses, they are meant to be attractive, but not obvious.


Those who want a guy with a sense of humor and an outgoing personality should try on a pair of contacts from the Weekend Series, which supposedly emits a bright and energetic aura.


And those who are looking for a more mindful and supportive dude may want to go for the elegant-looking pairs in the Holiday Series.

There is no scientific proof that these disposable contact lenses actually work in finding a man, but if you want to do something extra to help you find that next hot date, all three lenses are available to purchase from several online retailers listed on Acorde’s website.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, more than 5 million color contact lenses are imported every year, usually from South Korea.

Prescriptions are not necessary for people in Japan who use color contact lenses as fashion accessories, which do not correct vision.

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