Japanese Company Bans Employees From Sitting So They Can Be ‘Creative’

A company in Japan announced that its employees can no longer sit while using their computers at work.

Iris Ohyama, which sells nearly everything from electronics to storage goods, will implement the rule at its headquarters in Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture. Offices across the country will follow.

Under the new system, employees will be using shared standing workstations. Each will be given a maximum of 45 minutes to do his/her tasks on the shared computer.

Exceptions will be made for employees who need more computer time and those with medical conditions that would make standing problematic.

In its official announcement, the company said that the policy aims to increase concentration, promote creativity and maintain good health. It is unclear if their objectives are research-based.

As seen in a layout, Iris Ohyama will also set up standing round tables where employees can gather around for meetings.

Iris Ohyama employees are accustomed to using shared PCs. According to SoraNews24, the company banned them from using computers on their personal desks since 2007, but this will be the first time that chairs will be removed from the shared workstations.


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