Japanese Company Amazes Twitter After Turning a Boy’s School Uniform into a Swimsuit

Japanese fashion’s fascination with the schoolgirl uniform takes an interesting turn with a new trend that shifts the attention to the boys’ school uniform in Japan.

A new line of sexy new swimsuit for women is taking inspiration from the gakuranthe button-up coat traditionally worn by high school boys, according to SoraNews24.

Created by popular fashion label School Fiction, the new swimsuit design borrows heavily from the gakuran’s aesthetics, including the row of gold-colored buttons found on the coat’s frontal design.

Since the buttons are meant to be decorative, the wearer will still need to use the zipper found on its back to put the swimsuit on. The swimwear’s top button and the two clasps of its collar, however, are functional.

The brand, known locally as a “nerd and fetish” label, apparently intends the gakuran swimsuit to be used at anime conventions, or cosplay photo shoots rather than as a beach attire, considering the timing of its launch.

The new swimsuit, which is reportedly made out of an 80/20 polyester/polyurethane blend material, has so far generated quite the buzz on social media, and has even inspired people on Twitter to create some amazing fan art based on the new design.

Priced at 14,500 yen ($130), local customers can order the gakuran swimsuit from School Fiction’s retail website or, alternatively, from Amazon Japan.

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