Japanese Commuters LOL Over ‘Nose Gargle’ Ad in Tokyo’s Trains

Japanese Commuters LOL Over ‘Nose Gargle’ Ad in Tokyo’s TrainsJapanese Commuters LOL Over ‘Nose Gargle’ Ad in Tokyo’s Trains
Carl Samson
January 9, 2017
Japanese subway commuters are laughing over a poster that shows one beautiful woman having a really good time with her nasal douche.
The Hana Noa product, known in Japan as nose gargle, is marketed for those frequented by hay fever. It’s certainly a quick fix for those preparing to brace the upcoming spring, when pollen is everywhere.
While the ad is clearly innocent, onlookers can’t help but notice what looks like a forced grin on the model’s face as she flushes her nostril. It’s as if the process was a piece of cake.
Just look closer at that serene face.
But what’s making commuters LOL even more is the fact that the poster was in public. It’s unlikely people would gargle their noses in Tokyo’s trains, but the ad was all over the place.
Netizens took their amusement to Twitter (via RocketNews24):
“It was a challenge to stifle my laughter after seeing this on the Yamanote line train!”
“This made me laugh on the Sobu train line too!”
“Because it’s a beauty with flawless makeup, that dirty water coming out of her nose seems clean and beautiful.”
See it in action:
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