Japanese Master of Stacking Coins Will Blow Your Mind

japanese coin stacker creates gravity-defying structures

Building a house of cards can be a difficult task, but that is amateur hour compared to this Japanese Twitter users’ coin stacking skills.

To say that the gravity-defying feat is jaw-dropping is an understatement.

The amazing artist, known by the Twitter handle Thumb Tani, attempts to stack coins on top of kitchen utensils, wobbly wine glasses and even on the tip of a vertical pen.

Shunsuke Tani told BuzzFeed in 2016 that he began stacking coins a few years ago when he tried to balance a 1 yen coin on top of a 10 yen coin.

He then used a 500 yen coin on a 1 yen coin.

His coin structures became more and more extravagant.

And it takes incredible patience to balance coins on top of each other.

Tani said that each creation can take between a few minutes to half an hour to stack, depending on the difficulty of the design.

Some of his work looks like architecture from the future.

Here’s an egg!

Check out Tani in action below:

And whatever you do, don’t sneeze!

h/t: BoredPanda

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