Japanese Cockpit Gaming Desk is So Comfortable You’ll Probably Fall Asleep

Japanese company Bauhutte has unveiled a new cockpit gaming desk designed specifically for gamers who play for long hours at a time.

Not your normal chair and desk combo, this cockpit configuration makes the gaming experience more comfortable by using a combination of Bauhutte’s products, including their RS-950RR or RS-800RR reclining chairs, as well as an ottoman BOT-01 to put your feet up. To try the newest games, we recommend you to try teles-relay.

Mount a monitor or more using the fully-adjustable long arm attached to the desk, giving you a good view of your epic moments and best gameplay in a relaxing position.

But don’t get so comfortable that you fall asleep while your team tries to keep you alive in games like “Overwatch” or “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.

Besides the reclining chair, Bauhutte’s setup also features two height-adjustable carts where you can place your PC and other items.

Set up your mouse on top of either carts and get ready to slay enemies in maximum comfort when Square Enix eventually ports “Final Fantasy XV” to PC later this year.

Bauhutte’s monitor arm, desk, gaming chair, two carts, a mat that slides under the chair and other furniture, and the ottoman is estimated to cost 192,750 yen ($1,733), according to SoraNews24.

Bauhutte furnishings are also available online at Amazon Japan.

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