Japanese Cat’s Ice-Cold Heart Finds True Love With Heater


It is but natural to grow an attachment to someone who provides warmth and comfort.

In the case of  Busao, an adorable cat from Japan, that someone is a something: a portable heater which he now considers his BFF.

Busao is feeline so warm now

With the recent spike of freezing temperature in many parts of the world, including Japan, who could blame Busao?

Busao plants some kisses on his new flame

Such urge to feel cozy was expressed by Busao that he appears to have fallen in love with the electric device.

Busao has grown attached to his provider of warmth and comfort

Busao’s owner, Ryuji Tan, shared that his cat had been spending most of its time beside his heater.

Busao intently watches the heater’s glow

“Japan is so cold right now! All he wants is to warm up more,” Tan told Bored Panda.

Busao’s age (9 years) might also explain why he prefers the simpler things in life

In most of his adorable photos, which recently went viral, Busao appears too engrossed in meditation while keeping himself warm that it would be a shame to disturb him.


Busao has earned quite a following on social media since Tan started posting his cute pictures and videos online.


While Busao the cat’s images on Instagram, FaceBook, and YouTube have prompted many to comment on his natural cuteness, not many know he used to be a stray cat.


According to Tan, Busao was an alleycat which he came across at the streets of Ibaraki prefecture, located in the Kantō region.


“Busao was originally a stray cat,” he was quoted as saying. “I think that he is about 9 years old.”


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In human years, Busao will be 52 years old, a certified senior who may indeed have very little tolerance for the cold weather.

Feature image via Instagram / tanryug

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