Japanese Cat’s Terrifying ‘Meow’ Will Leave You Speechless

Japanese Cat’s Terrifying ‘Meow’ Will Leave You SpeechlessJapanese Cat’s Terrifying ‘Meow’ Will Leave You Speechless
We all know cats meow (or “nyao,” “nya,” or “nyan” in Japan), but this feline in particular has an incredibly creepy way of trying to communicate.
Chobimaru, the cat in question, is one of four pets that Japanese Twitter user @llritotomohiro has in his home.
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Instead of saying nyao, nya, or nyan, Chobimaru produces a sound that sounds something more like, “ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli.”
Chobimaru is talking again…Scary…” the Twitter user wrote in his tweet.
The Twitter user is not the only person was scared by Chobimaru’s weird soud. Another cat came by the feline’s side to console him, but decided to leave him alone as he showed no response.
Another cat in the background seemed equally confused as to why and how Chobimaru would be making that sound.
Other netizens in the Twitter thread also shared that their own animals did something similar to this as well.
“Did Chobimaru throw up after this? When my cat sounds like he’s casting an incantation, I always run to grab some newspapers and tissues.”
“My cat does the same thing! After he makes this kind of noise, he throws up. It’s nice of him to always give me an advance warning.”
While this may explain the behavior in relation to what other pet owners have experienced, other people just couldn’t shake the creepiness of Chobimaru’s noises. Here’s what some of them wrote as translated by SoraNews24:
“It’s like when a drunk dude has something he REALLY wants to tell you, but you’ve got no idea what he’s saying.”
“It almost sounds like he’s saying ‘Kohi hoshii’ (‘I want coffee.’). Does he have a caffeine addiction?”
“Sounds to me like he’s trying to cast a magic spell.”
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Luckily, after his failed attempt of summing a demon cat, Chobimaru returned to his normal self, as said by the Twitter user in a follow up tweet.
Chobimaru has gathered fame on Twitter with his video now at 3.57 million views at the time of writing. After going viral, one user took the liberty of mixing the cat’s creepy sound with hip-hop beats.
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Images screenshot via Twitter / @llritotomohiro
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