Japanese Cat Makes Friends With a Hamster and Suddenly Everything is Okay in the World

Japanese Twitter user Hachi_Arnm recently shared a few videos showing a rather complex yet adorable relationship between her cat, Mogu, and his hamster friend Maru.

The two species are often seen as predator and prey, but this pair are clearly quite close.

During one part of the clip below, Mogu looked like he was about to bite his small, furry friend, but it turns out that the cat just wanted to groom his hamster companion.

Maru can then be seen crawling under Mogu’s fur and they both take a nice nap.

Mogu and Maru’s relationship isn’t a temporary, one-time thing; Hachi_Arnm has a few other videos of the two snuggling as Maru wakes up from a friendly nap.

Here’s another one of Maru walking on — or perhaps scratching — Mogu’s back:

Whether it’s with another animal friend or its owner, cats really love to snuggle — some even cry when their owner stops cuddling with them!

Image Screenshots via Twitter / Hachi_Arnm

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