Japanese Cat Becomes the Cutest iPhone Case of All Time

Netizens can’t get over one extremely cute “living cat phone case” that has certainly gone viral.

Japanese people have always had a penchant for anything “kawaii”, or “cute” in English. Where else in the world will you find road blocks – we’re talking about bunnies, frogs, dolphins, and Hello Kitty – that looks like they were made for children’s playgrounds?

With a reputation for having such cute, and oftentimes crazy, weird or hilarious things, a photo of a “living cat phone case” shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but it’s hard not to “aww” when you’re a hardcore cat lover.

A Twitter user from Japan uploaded a photo of her cat clinging on to her iPhone with a caption that said: “New iPhone Case.”

Of course, online users who usually can’t resist cute animals had to share the post which immediately went viral, Sputnik News reported.

And since this new “living cat iPhone case” became so high in demand, the “designer” has a word of warning for anyone interested in getting one — your “case” might occasionally bite your iPhone.

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