Japanese Bunny With Googly Eyes on Its Butt is Why God Has Forsaken Us

A Japanese Twitter user who goes by the name of puchan776 just found out the hard way that not everything is better with googly eyes after they put some on their bunny’s butt.

It turns out, putting googly eyes on a bunny’s butt will make you accidentally summon a beast from the nether world – or in this case, the animal’s nether region.

Who would’ve thought that a very cute furball could hide something so horrifying back there, and the only thing that brings that monster out is the googly eyes!

Do you look away or just stare at it? It’s so mesmerizing and yet chilling.

Many netizens also expressed their concern, as translated by SoraNews24:

“The definition of ‘cute but scary.’”

“Whoa! It looks like it’s trying to say something lol.”

“It has an air of sinister cuteness about it.”

Other Japanese netizens also tried to unleash hell of their own, but failed to recreate the bun-monster.

Images via Twitter / puchan776

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