Japanese Brand Unveils Outdoor Kimono For People Who Want to Camp Like a Samurai

You can go camping while wearing a kimono thanks to the newly released Japanese apparel from Snow Peak in partnership with Kimono Yamato.

The Outdoor Kimono is made up of lightweight, quick-drying and highly breathable trademarked polyester material that the company calls “Dot Air,” according to Snow Peak, as translated by SoraNews24.

While it may look similar to the traditional Japanese clothing, Snow Peak’s Outdoor Kimono sets itself apart with the buttoned waist and belt loops.

The wearer has the option of going out with just a buttoned kimono or with or without a belt.

You can partner this up with the traditional geta sandals along with an over-the-shoulder bag.

Or perhaps use it as an overcoat for the cold weather.

The Outdoor Kimono can also be layered up for extra warmth.

Unlike the traditional garment, the outdoor kimono offers incredible versatility, comfort, and toughness that can handle the harshest conditions.

Snow Peak’s Outdoor Kimono comes in three different color options: navy, green, and gray.

The kimono costs 39,000 yen ($363.05) plus tax and can be purchased at Snow Peak’s store. Pre-orders are currently being accepted with a delivery expected for April 25.

Images via Snow Peak

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