Japanese Boy Tries Flirting With German Student Using Every English Word He Knows

It’s nerve-wracking to ask someone out especially in a foreign language, but one Japanese high school student used all the English he knew to flirt with a pretty German exchange student who visited his class.

Carolin Marie, an 18-year-old YouTuber and photographer living in Germany, stopped by her Japanese friend’s school to give a talk. The high school students were allowed to ask questions afterwards, but one high school boy had other plans.

“May I ask you a question?” began the boy, who later on in the video recalls the time he’s been to Germany.

Carolin agreed.

“There is… good guys,” the high school boy said, pointing to his buddies sitting next to him. “Especially me.”

Carolin was caught off guard by the following adorable question.

“If you had boyfriend from here,” the high schooler said, pointing to himself and his friends once again. “Who is good?”

Carolin was flattered but gave a neutral response.

“Everyone is so pretty, I can’t decide,” she said as the entire class erupted in laughter.

Lesson learned — don’t let the language barrier stop you from flirting with someone you find attractive.

We’re rooting for you, Japanese friend!

Featured Image via Instagram / (Left): carolinmarie | YouTube / (Right): CarolinMarie

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