Japanese Boy Group Excites Fans as They Kiss Each Other For 4 Minutes Straight in MV

A Japanese boy group composed of nine members has put fans in undeniable ecstasy — and newcomers in some shock — as they kissed each other throughout a new four-minute music video.

MeseMoa. released the music video for the song titled “Shadow Kiss” last week. It’s the lead single in their new album called “Secret,” according to RocketNews24.

Apparently, the song is now making waves in Japan for having the most male-to-male kisses in a single music video. The consensus was 36 smoochs!

The group debuted in 2012 as Morning Musumen, a moniker that references J-Pop girl group Morning Musume. At the time, they used to cover songs of the female group.

For the uninitiated, Japan has a thing called “boys’ love” — also known as yaoi — which is basically a genre of fictional media that centers on romantic and/or sexual relations between male characters. It is often marketed to a dedicated female audience.

That being said, it seems MeseMoa sure knew how to deliver some excellent fan service. The group will release “Secret” on April 29, Arama Japan reported.

Watch the music video below, and count the kisses if you must. Don’t forget the subtitles, too:

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