Japanese Bodybuilder Shocks Followers in Viral Transformation

A bodybuilder in Japan decided to shock his followers by showing a different side of himself in what became an epic April Fools prank. With the help of some makeup artists and a “pretty girl” filter, bodybuilder and entertainer Tatsuma Sugawara trolled his followers by uploading a video of himself in the “virgin-killing sweater”:

Needless to say, his post made people feel things. Sugawara wrote on Twitter that he wanted to introduce himself as his “girlfriend.”

Sugawara normally works as an entertainer in the group Macho 29, known for stunts like Macho Nikuya a Korean BBQ restaurant in Tokyo that went viral for their shirtless bodybuilder staff. Sugawara is also a competitive bodybuilder, having placed fourth in the 2015 All Japan Men’s Fitness Championship for his height division, over 176 cm (5 feet, 9 inches). He currently measures at 182 cm (5 feet, 11 inches) and weighs 93 kg (211.6 lbs).

Here are more pics of Tatsuma Sugawara in his normal routine:

h/t: SoraNews24

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