Japanese Artist’s ‘Manga’ is Actually a 3D Model

With a quick glance, one might think the illustrations below are concept art for a manga series, but it’s actually a 3D model created by a Japanese artist who goes by the name Shinga.

The artist shared the diorama on Twitter and says he took inspiration from Shuichi Shigeno, the creator of Japanese sports manga series “Initial D”.

Shinga first removed the wheels before painting the plastic bodies using tones of yellow, gray and white, with black outlines and details, My Modern Met noted.

Black and gray markers were also used on a white storyboard for the race track.

Shinga’s creation has been retweeted nearly 31,000 times and liked by more than 56,000 Twitter users since it was first posted on March 7.

Check out the behind-the-scenes process for this amazing optical illusion:

Featured Image via Twitter/@matin19761

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