Japanese Artist’s Life-Like Mosquitoes Are Made Completely Out of Paper

Meet Masanobu Azami, a Japanese artist who can create incredibly small art with attention to detail using folding paper for origami.

Masanobu, who also goes by the name Scissorhands online, creates realistic paper art using his remarkable paper folding techniques.

The artist is famous for his intricately designed paper artworks such as this dinosaur skeleton.

He is also known for creating incredibly small art like butterflies.

But the smallest piece he’s ever done is a real-sized mosquito, specifically the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), with its white stripes on its body and legs, Grapee reported.

The Asian tiger mosquito is known for carrying several potentially lethal diseases such as the encephalitis and dengue fever.

Scissorhands also creates models of smashed mosquitoes complete with blood splattered around its carcass.

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Featured Image via Twitter / salvare035

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