Japanese Robot Flawlessly Drains Half-Court Shot

basketball robot

As if we weren’t already afraid enough of what robots are capable of, we can now add “sinking a half court basketball shot” onto the list of all the crazy and amazing things these machines can do.

The robot, wearing a Toyota jersey and is reportedly powered by artificial intelligence (AI), was recently unveiled at a basketball game in Japan.

It can’t shoot lasers from its eyes or flames from its hands, but it can pull off one of the most satisfying half court shots that you’re likely to see — and it did it completely effortlessly.


The robot, called CUE3, is listed as Alvark Tokyo’s newest player, taking up a spot at the shooting guard position, according to SB Nation. CUE3 has monstrous accuracy with its three point shots, draining them from distances that only Steph Curry can pull regularly.

While it’s all fun and games now, netizens couldn’t help but make jokes about the imminent future when robots take over everything!


But can we really blame the humans, though?

Of course, we gotta program them to have respect first.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / B_LEAGUE

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