Breathtaking Tourism Video Will Make You Pack Your Bags and Head to Japan

While many have recently set their sights on moving to Canada and New Zealand, potential emigrants may also want to check out Japan. The country is now pitching itself as a viable destination alternative via a stunning video that will make you wish you can teleport to the “Land of the Rising Sun,” reports RocketNews24.
Produced by the European division of the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) to promote the country to Western travelers, the interactive video titled “Japan – Where tradition meets the future” takes the viewers on a virtual tour of Japan from its traditional roots to its modern world.
The three-minute clip created by German filmmaker Vincent Urban and ENJIN Inc. for Japan’s tourism bureau is bound to tap into every travel buff’s adventurous side as viewers are taken into a journey to well-known tourist spots and some never-before seen locations. The production team, which has previously made the equally enthralling “Is Japan Cool?” video and website, packed the presentation with images of the many things Japan has to offer
For a more immersive and enjoyable experience, interested travelers may head to the JNTO website which features the video with an interactive option which includes buttons that take viewers to an information tab which explains what’s being shown on-screen.
Watch the non-interactive, YouTube version below:
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