Japanese Robotics Student Amazes Twitter With the Most Techie Business Card

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A graduate student’s business card has impressed social media users in Japan for its computer-inspired aesthetics.

Twitter user @univ00009, who first tweeted an image of the card that took inspiration from a computer circuit board, said that the business card was from a high school friend.

“Out of all the business cards I’ve received this one is the most stylish. It’s super cool!” the tweet with the photo read.

Fantasista (@tm_fantasista), a robotics department student at the University of Tokyo, is behind the creative card, reports Soranews24.

Delighted to read the reactions, Fantasista shared how the cards are created from real printed circuit boards. According to Fantasista, each card costs an average of 80 yen ($0.73) to make but ordering the printed circuit boards through the university can further reduce its production price.

There’s even an image in which modules are connected to it.

Fantasista noted that those who received the business cards were mostly fascinated by the design as well.

“Usually when I give it to people who work in science, they love it, which makes me happy,” Fantasista shared. “But on rare occasions when I give it to people in the arts they get taken aback! lol”

About three times as thick as a normal card, the dimensions of Fantasista’s card measures at 3.6 by 2.2 inches, which is the standard for Japanese business cards.

Feature Image via Fantasista

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