Japanese Robotics Student Amazes Twitter With the Most Techie Business Card

Japanese Robotics Student Amazes Twitter With the Most Techie Business Card
Ryan General
December 18, 2019
A graduate student’s business card has impressed social media users in Japan for its computer-inspired aesthetics.
Twitter user @univ00009, who first tweeted an image of the card that took inspiration from a computer circuit board, said that the business card was from a high school friend.
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“Out of all the business cards I’ve received this one is the most stylish. It’s super cool!” the tweet with the photo read.
Fantasista (@tm_fantasista), a robotics department student at the University of Tokyo, is behind the creative card, reports Soranews24.
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Delighted to read the reactions, Fantasista shared how the cards are created from real printed circuit boards. According to Fantasista, each card costs an average of 80 yen ($0.73) to make but ordering the printed circuit boards through the university can further reduce its production price.
There’s even an image in which modules are connected to it.
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Fantasista noted that those who received the business cards were mostly fascinated by the design as well.
“Usually when I give it to people who work in science, they love it, which makes me happy,” Fantasista shared. “But on rare occasions when I give it to people in the arts they get taken aback! lol”
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About three times as thick as a normal card, the dimensions of Fantasista’s card measures at 3.6 by 2.2 inches, which is the standard for Japanese business cards.
Feature Image via Fantasista
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