The Amrita: Japan’s First Naked Restaurant is Banning Fat People and Tattoos

The first ever naked restaurant in Japan is opening its doors, but not to the overweight and tatted.
The Amrita, which opens on July 29 in Tokyo, has strict rules for its naked party. Customers must be between the ages of 18 and 60. They must not be overweight. They can’t have tattoos.
According to South China Morning Post, those who are found to be over the weight range will be refused entry and not be refunded. Reservations and payments are made in advance via an online booking page on the site. Their website states:
“If you are more than 15kg above the average weight for your height, we ask you refrain from making a reservation.”
While at The Amrita, “amrita” being a Sanskrit word for immortality, guests are advised to not “cause a nuisance to other guests.” Talking and touching other diners is frowned upon.
Dining reservations cost up to $750 per person. Upon arriving, diners check in their clothes and pull on paper underwear that is provided by the restaurant.  Mobile phones and cameras are then locked away on a table-top box.
Highlights of dining at the restaurant, other than being naked in a room of other naked people, include being served food by muscular men in g-strings. The meals also includes a dance performance featuring male models. Subtracting the cost of the show, food prices range from $130 to $261.
No details have been released yet on what kind of cuisine will be served.
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