Japanese Couple’s Pokémon Wedding Invitation is the Greatest of All Time

Japanese Couple’s Pokémon Wedding Invitation is the Greatest of All Time

January 15, 2018
A Japanese couple’s unique Pokémon wedding invitation card has gone viral after one guest shared it online.
Wedding preparations can be extremely tedious because it comes down to that one occasion when everyone important gathers to wish lovebirds a happily ever after, and nothing must go wrong.
So it’s not surprising to find engaged couples becoming a little more meticulous with details — especially with things leading up to their big day.
That’s exactly why Twitter user @sumito_47 got so excited over what he received over the weekend:
A Pokémon-themed wedding invitation card!
@sumito_47 wrote, “This invitation is so good I’m drooling. I’m going to put it in a frame!”
Apparently, he’s been invited to the wedding of a couple named Issei and Shoko.
SoraNews24 translated the invitation:

Issei and Shoko want to invite you to their wedding!

Will you attend? >Yes >No

Tell us your name!

Tell us your address and phone number!

Do you have any allergies? Yes / No

Will you ride the bus? From where? Yes / No (Place: ___)

Write any message here!

We didn’t hear more about them, but this crafty invitation card is enough to tell that they’re Pokémon Masters.
In just three days, @sumito_47’s post had at least 106,000 retweets and 260,000 likes.
By their comments, netizens must be curious as to how Issei and Shoko’s wedding will actually look like.
Twitter users wrote:
“This is fantastic!”
“May I attend myself?”
“This is pretty. I will be glad if this invitation comes.”
“It seems the wedding party will be fun. Please tweet again if it’s good.”
“I wish Issei and Shoko to be happy all the time!”
It’s not everyday that one gets invited to a wedding with such a card. We want one, too!
Best wishes to Issei and Shoko!
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