Japan’s ‘#1 Cosplayer’ Reveals She Made Over $277K in 2018

Whenever Japanese cosplayer Enako makes an appearance at an event, an insane number of fans flock around her to buy her merchandise.  


Her popularity, which has earned her the title of “Japan’s number one cosplayer,” also helps her acquire millions of yen (thousands of dollars) in a relatively short amount of time.


Enako first made global headlines after announcing on television in 2016 that she can earn more than one million yen ($9,212) a month by dressing up as popular anime characters.


While the 24-year-old says she can earn a million yen per modeling gig, she reveals she generates most of her income by selling merchandise during the semi-annual Comiket convention in Tokyo. Enako has noted in interviews that about 80% of her income comes from these merchandise items which she herself produced.

The event, considered as the world’s largest independent manga (dojinshi) fair in the world, proves quite lucrative for Enako.


In last year’s Summer Comiket, she revealed that she earned around 10 million yen ($92,123) in one day, mostly from merchandise sales.


Enako recently appeared on the Jikkuri Kiitarou ~ Star Kinkyou (Hi) Houkoku talk show to reveal that she once again earned 10 million yen in just one day during the Winter Comiket a month ago.


She then revealed that in a good year, such as 2018, she can earn up to 30 million yen ($277,328).

image via Twitter/enako_cos

According to Enako, most of the money was earned from selling copies of her 76-page photo album for 2,500 yen each.

image via Twitter/enako_cos
image via Twitter/enako_cos

She also sold a 50-page photo booklet for 2,000 yen and a Comiket-exclusive set that included both books, an additional 26-page Christmas photo book, and an original bag for 6,000 yen, SoraNews24 reports.

image via Twitter/enako_cos

After selling out all of her merchandise on day one, the Nagoya-born cosplayer also appeared on day two at the booth as a model for Tamagawa Boat Race speedboat gambling organization.

Featured image via Twitter/enako_cos


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