Japan’s top cosplayer made over $1.5 million in 2022, manager reveals

Japan’s top cosplayer made over $1.5 million in 2022, manager reveals
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Iris Jung
January 4, 2023
Top Japanese cosplayer Enako earned over 200 million yen (approximately $1.5 million) in revenue for 2022, according to her manager. 
The news was revealed on Monday when the cosplayer and her manager participated in the “Uramayo! Popular celebrities (secret) one after another reveal their true face, New Year’s 2-hour Special” variety program.
Enako’s manager also revealed that the money is split equally between Enako — who works as a cosplayer, idol, YouTuber and singer — and her talent agency.
The large revenue is reportedly four times Enako’s self-reported 50 million yen (approximately $380,000) income in 2020 and double her 100 million yen (approximately $750,000) income in 2021. Despite some backlash that charged she was “bragging” about her high income, the popular entertainer has remained transparent regarding her earnings.
“I had a review meeting with Yokyun-san [president of the office], and when I looked at my annual income this year, it exceeded 50 million yen,” she tweeted in December 2020.
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When asked how she spends her earnings, Enako admitted she is unaware of her current bank account balance as her manager is responsible for her finances. 
However, Enako has pointed to costume costs as a main source of her spending.
Enako’s manager explained that he “takes care of [Enako] like a mother so that she doesn’t forget to pay his taxes and such.”
Upon being asked if he could take 100 million yen (approximately $750,000) from Enako without being noticed, the manager replied with a simple “no, of course not,” arguing that the 50/50 revenue split between her and her talent agency leaves a clear paper trail. The manager’s trustworthiness was noticed by Enako’s fellow panelists, who labeled him as a “transparent person.”

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