Japan Now Has a Train-Themed Karaoke Rooms For People Obsessed With Trains

Japan Now Has a Train-Themed Karaoke Rooms For People Obsessed With Trains
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
July 24, 2017
A new train-themed karaoke service that allows customers to become train “drivers” and carry out real-life transportation announcements has kicked off in Japan!
The innovative twist to the art of karaoke comes thanks to Joysound, which is among Japan’s biggest karaoke companies, in partnership with major railway company Tokyu Corporation.
As per SoraNews24, the “Railroad Karaoke Rooms” are equipped with cockpit controls, train seats and travel simulations, and of course, a push-to-talk announcement microphone. There is plenty of content to broadcast, including train lines in all of Tokyo’s 26 wards.
To begin, a customer selects one of two room options.
Operator/conductor room
One is the operator/conductor room, which appears more spacious as it can accommodate up to 12 people, and is furnished with long seats.
Keikyu passenger car room
The other is the Keikyu passenger car room, which accommodates four people and comes with cross-seats and straps dangling from a rack shelf.
To add to the experience, the service gives original train tickets to customers as gifts, Pouch noted.
Thirsty customers can also choose from one of Keikyu Train’s special drinks — red, blue or yellow — which comes at 680 yen ($6) each.
If anything, the service appears to be an excellent exercise for anyone brushing up on their Japanese language skills. Of course, it’s even better for anyone who has always wanted to run trains!
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