Japan Now Sells Coca-Cola Pre-Mixed with Coffee

Coca-Cola recently rolled out a new version of Coke in Japan that has been specially pre-mixed with coffee. 

Exclusively found in special vending machines in Japan, the beverage called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is sold in a 190 ml can, reportedly containing 50% more caffeine but with 50% fewer calories. The product, which mixed coffee in the form of extract powder, is a bit pricey at 130 yen ($1.20) per can.  

According to Kotaku (via Shin-Shouhin), Coffee Plus has 34 mg of caffeine and only 42 calories per can.

The product, while unique in itself, is reminiscent of the coffee-flavored Cokes released in Europe and the United States called Coca-Cola BlāK.

Those who have tried the product have described its aroma to be “odd” and neither smells like coke nor like coffee.

“It’s not a very delicious aroma,” said Shin-Shouhin in its report. However, it noted how the taste is still like a soda, but with a coffee aftertaste. “I didn’t think it tasted good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” the report concluded.

Meanwhile, there were others who have tried the product and actually liked its taste.

SoraNews24 reports that the new product indeed has the aroma of pure coffee, adding that it also has a richer flavor than the standard soda.

Feature Image via Shin-Shouhin

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