Japan is Now Selling a T-Shirt That Makes Your Breasts Look Bigger

A T-shirt that boosts people’s breasts with zero effort has launched in Japan, giving legions of flat-chested ones hope for much less price than freaky augmentation procedures.

The science behind ekoD Works’s shirt that released in June is not as complicated as you think, however.

It’s all just optical illusion!

For this reason, ekoD Works is selling the all-natural cotton garment as the “Illusion Grid” T-shirt for ¥3,888 ($35.69).

The company, which specializes in “humorous art and design,” promised:

“With a unique MOUSOU (‘delusion’) mapping technology, ekoD Works effectively expresses the volume of your breast by the distorted grid patterns in the front. That’s the concept of this ‘breast boost’ printed t-shirt. Wearing it, you will surely attract a great deal of public attention.”

The shirt is unbelievably effective that it spares no one — men are getting their busts pumped, too.

Would you buy the Illusion Grid T-shirt?

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