Japan is Now Selling Full-Body Panties For Both Men and Women

A company in Japan has started selling full-body panties to satisfy the needs of “panty maniacs,” according to its official description.

As seen in photos, Ligre’s latest product appears to be a regular panty that somehow evolved to reach the shoulders to become a one-piece, full-body undergarment.

If anything, the ribbon at the center of the collar suggests that this thing is indeed a full-body panty.

Interestingly, Ligre markets the unusual lingerie to both men and women in medium, large and extra-large sizes.

The absence of shoulder straps and chest cups, however, may not comfortably replace a woman’s bra. This makes the clothing seemingly more marketable to men with “particular tastes,” SoraNews24 said.

The outlet translated some of the product’s description:

“Made in Japan to satisfy panty maniacs.”

“The joy of having your body embraced by panties.”

“Wearing panties on just your lower body is boring!”

If this is your fancy, Ligre now sells it for 3,000 yen ($27) exclusive of tax. Alternatively, you can purchase a Large size through Village Vanguard for 3,240 yen ($29).

So, what do you think about full-body panties?

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