Japan is Now Putting Stickers On Old People to Keep Track of Them

A city in Japan has taken the liberty to attach stickers to its elderly people so they can be tracked.
Iruma, a city in Saitama prefecture, launched a free service for the public this month in an attempt to address the problem of dementia in the country.
Developed by a local company, the stickers are QR codes containing personal information that would identify the elders just in case they forget their identity and get lost.
Scanning the codes allows police to determine the individual’s local city hall, telephone numbers and other personal details, BBC noted.
The stickers, attached to the fingers and toes, remain in place for about two weeks. They are also water-resistant.
While the initiative’s purpose is based on goodwill, some are not as pleased.
Apparently, some likened it to the “Big Brother” dystopia concept that all residents may soon be tracked in the similar manner, The Huffington Post said.
Two commented, “The New World Order is rising,” andFor sure, this is the end of the beginning.”
What do you think about the initiative?
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