Japan Now Has KFC Bath Bombs That Make You Smell Like Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan now lets people indulge in fried chicken not just when eating a meal, but also when using their new food-scented bath bombs while bathing.

Japan is no stranger when it comes to creating unusual products, and their new bath bombs that are shaped like a chicken drumstick are no exception.

Popular Japanese novelty store chain Village Vanguard is collaborating with KFC Japan to come up with this one-of-a-kind chicken bath bomb product.

KFC Japan is giving away their signature herb-scented fried chicken bath bombs to 100 lucky customers who follow their official @KFC_jp Twitter page.

Lucky prize winners and avid KFC customers will no longer be limited to just ordering fried chicken takeout since they will be able to take the scent of the meal with them while in the bathroom.

Now consumers can bathe in the essence of KFC’s signature dish while contemplating which set of fried chicken meal combo they will order next.

Unfortunately for international customers, KFC noted that the giveaway is only available to Japanese residents, according to Mashable. Although, not everyone was into having their body lathered in the colonel’s seasoned fried chicken. One Twitter user expressed disinterest:

Mixing bath and body products with food might not be conventional yet, but that hasn’t stopped Japan from producing more flavored scents. According to SoraNews, the chicken-flavored bath bomb isn’t the first time Village Vanguard released a food-inspired bath product.

The Japanese novelty shop previously introduced bath salts that let people bathe in delectable dishes such as yakiniku grilled meat, cheese pizza, gyoza as well as beer.

Left Featured Image via Flickr / Alpha (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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